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Casino War is the easiest card game to play in the casino

Casino War is the easiest card game to play in the casinos. The rules of the game are very simple and easy.
Who ever draws the highest card succeeds.
The aim of Casino War is for a player to have a higher number than the dealer.
Some of the directions to be followed by the player are:
Find a casino that presents War.
Ask how many decks you are playing with.
The majority of Casino War games are played with six decks, and cards come out of an automatic shuffler.
Cards are ranked depending on their poker denomination. Ace is high. The suit of the card does not matter.
Put your bet on the table. Search for a table sign that indicates the minimum and maximum bet.
Obtain your card from the dealer.
The dealer will then deal himself a card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you succeed.
If it is lower, you lose.
If the cards are the similar, then you can choose to lose half your bet or face the dealer to “war.”
Double your original bet to go to war.
Online casino games are simple since they are formed to be a bit simple contrasted to the real casino rooms.
So gamble tricky in online casinos

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