Thứ Năm, 26 tháng 2, 2015

My thought on whether Online Casino is rigged

Well, it has been a very controversial debate lately, that a lot of online gambler claims that online poker is rigged.

If you are unsure what does rigged means, well it means that it is fixed, so you have lower chance of winning, so the house have the higher probability of ripping off your damnnnn money.

So what is my thought?

Well, I have read various blog such as Bill Rini as well as and i have to say i agree with what they mentioned.

Online poker use a system (i am uncertain about what it is called since i have no idea about algorithm stuffs) that will distribute cards and hands randomly. This system is pretty random, it is similar to live shuffling, of course, shuffling can be tricky sometime while online poker system is more random.

So i personally think that Online Poker is not rigged, there is a lot of element to consider, but they certainly are not fixed.

That is just my personal thought though, what is your?

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