Thứ Năm, 26 tháng 2, 2015

Febuary Goal Review

On FTP I had a good month. I mostly played SNG but for 9 days straight, I took part in the "Take 2" challenge and reached the required daily points and made $25 in bonuses. As for the Poker Academy, I finished 2 challenges quickly and easily but have been stuck on a third challenge for some time now. Having problems trying to get into the following situation. Open raise with Ax (where x is 9 or lower) with 4-7 players and then fold to someone's 3-bet. At the low level SNG's not many people will 3-bet you unless they have AA or KK, so I've had the hands, but most often my raise just gets called and then I really don't know where I am on the flop. It'll come eventually.

Overall on FTP I had the following numbers for the month:

SNG's: 9.50
Cash: 36.47
Bonus: 25
Rakeback: 8.42
Total: 79.39

On Red Kings, I stopped playing my 100-game challenge as I was finding it too hard to get a game it. There isn't as many players there, so it takes some time to fill up a 10 person SNG. So instead, I started playing $11 Double or Nothing games, and managed to make a small profit ($10.50).

I also started playing on Doyle's Room a bit, mixing cash games with some SNG's and managed to finish a few bucks up for the month.

So overall, I had an OK month.

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